The Local Housing Market

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, it is important to know the state of the local housing market. This way, each side knows where the advantages lie. For sellers, the market is at its best when there are fewer homes up for grabs. Less competition makes for an easier time getting your property viewed by the right individuals. On the flip-side, buyers will find top deals when there is a saturation of listings. When sellers are competing for your business, you end up the winner!

The housing market can give us a list of relevant information, such as: the number of homes for sale, the average selling price for real estate in the area, and the amount of homes sold during a specific period of time. With this data, both buyers and sellers can formulate a strategy on when to make a move. Perhaps more homes are sold during the summer. Maybe the average cost is lowest at the beginning of the year. Whatever the housing market shows, it is important to take the information into consideration.

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Increasing Your Property’s Value

The most common question to a REALTOR® when looking through a home is, “what improvements can I make that will increase the value of my property?”

What is your time and effort worth? Too many times we meet people who are eager to do the work, but don’t consider the buyer’s perspective. Some people may pay more for some features that won’t matter to others. Consult a professional to determine if the improvements you choose will be worth your money and will give you a return. Make sure this number is worth your time.

Increasing Your Property’s Value

This can range from buying a few flowering planters for around the front door to substantial landscaping work. A fresh coat of paint on the front door, and improved lighting can make a big difference for a relatively small expense.

Interior and exterior. Use neutral or modern colours and unless you are a pro, avoid creative patterns. No murals.

Upgrading from carpet or lino to hardwood and tile makes an enormous difference. Focus on look rather than price, since many buyers cannot tell the difference.

This is usually the focal point of the house. Open concepts and modern colours are key. Consider refinishing existing cabinets and just replacing the counter-top to save money.

Freeing up room in the bathroom makes a big difference. Pedestal sinks can work well for this. Also modern looking tile goes a long way.

People like to entertain and see their guests. When you enter an open concept home it also feels much larger. Furthermore, three small bedrooms may work better as one large master and a spare.

Please only use a builders, contractors or other professionals. Poor workmanship will be adjusted for at the time of the sale. You can do some work yourself, but leave the finishing to the pros.

Sold~ 12753 Gulfview Rd

IMG_7340 (1)

12753 Gulfview Rd   Madeira Park.   This lovely home on the Sunshine Coast has new owners for Christmas.

A donation has been made to Habitat for Humanities. Although Vancouver suffers from a housing crisis, we can’t forget that it effects other communities as well and the Sunshine Coast residents are very much effected by limited housing.

Luxury Homes Collection Magazine Winter 2016

The winter edition of the Luxury Homes Collection Magazine features some exceptional homes from across British Columbia that are part of the Macdonald Realty Luxury Program. With a diverse collection of properties, from downtown Penthouses to island waterfront cabins there is plenty to see.

Featured in this edition is a message from the President of Luxury Portfolio International®, Paul Boomsma, our network affiliate partner on the global brand. Their LuxeTrends® gives us a look into the future of exploration, innovation and relaxation, with touchscreen fridges and underwater resorts.

Winter 2016 Luxury Homes Collection Magazine

Click magazine cover to view

Gracing our pages this edition are some beautiful locations, with stunning views of the Okanagan vineyards, Georgia Strait beaches, and Squamish mountain ranges. Our cover story denotes the growing luxury properties in the Squamish Valley with 10 properties featured from the region. The Sea-to-Sky corridor is fast becoming a haven for city escapers, first time homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts looking to find affordable luxury and plenty of gorgeous scenery. You can always see our latest luxury property listings online at 

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SOLD The New Trophy Building at the Pier.

Thank you to my buyers in the Trophy!  Enjoy those incredible sunsets and views of the city!!

A donation has been made to  streetohome

Streetohome’s goal is to tackle the problem of homelessness in Vancouver by creating safe, affordable, supportive housing for those on the streets and those at risk in our city.

SOLD in the Atrium Bldg Victory Ship Way

SOLD! A 1  bedroom pied-a-terre in the Atrium building at The Pier. July 2016

Dear Peggy,
A quick note to say thank you so much for helping with our purchase in North Vancouver’s Shipyards area. We love the place and you were right, the deck is awesome!
~ Ian and Lisa

SOLD! A 2 bedroom condo in the Atrium Building at The Pier. currently rented.
“Peggy has done a wonderful job as our realtor. We live in Seattle and are not familiar with all the regulations and customary ways of owning real estate in Canada. She guided us through the entire process of purchasing and finding a property manager. Peggy was very honest, diligent and prompt in following up with any questions or issues.” Thanks,  Jane and Paul!

A donation has been made to Coast Mental Health providing housing for youth, 19-24 with mental health issues.